[amsat-bb] Re: 847 PL problems

Jari Koivurinne jari.koivurinne at aina.net
Sun Dec 20 09:59:23 PST 2009

> I just noticed that my FT-847 is having a problem with PL tones. 
> There are a
> few things happening...
>  It seems to want to stay only in a PL of 67.0. When I try to operate on
> SO-67 that has a PL of 233.6, I can't get into the bird, unless I 
> tailgate.
> As it seems to default to a PL of 67.0 I can work SO-50 no problem. I
> checked all my cables, and also went to a different software 
> control program
> and it all points to a problem with my 847. After some testing with
> different PL's, using another radio with TQSL set, it seems that when in
> Satellite mode my 847 will only transmit a PL of 67. I've had my 847 I
> bought new since 1997 and I never had a problem with This. When I 
> look back
> I can't  remember when I needed any other PL other then 67.0, 
> except 74.4 to
> open up SO-50, last time about 3 years ago. Before I try a full reset I
> thought I would ask here, to make sure I'm not missing anything 
> stupid...  
>  73 Jeff kb2m


Press the MENU button, rotate the SUB-TUNE knob to select Menu #12,
That is "TONE-FRQ".
Then rotate the MEM/VFO CH knob to set the right PL.
Then press the MENU again to exit.

To activate PL just select FM-mode and press the grey TONE knob (3).
There is a sign ENC visible. You can check that the PL is correct
by pressing the MENU again. IF not, just rotate the MEM/VFO CH knob.

If that doesn't work out, maybe the memory backup battery has run out
of juice. Check also the position of the battery backup switch.


-Jari oh3uw


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