[amsat-bb] Re: XW-1 Decoder

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Sat Dec 19 10:37:40 PST 2009

Each telemetry channel encodes a 3-character value.  "TTT" represents a 
telemetry value of 000, which would be normal for certain circumstances... 
when the Channel 2 telemetry value is 000, it indicates that only the beacon 
is operating (most of the time, for now).  When the transponders are not 
operating, it is normal for the telemetry channels associated with them (7 - 
13) to read 000.  The telemetry format can be found here:


Hope this helps!

George, KA3HSW

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> Anyone put together software to decode the XW-1 beacon yet?
> Sorry if someone already mentioned .. Still reading thru my emails..
> Lots of TTT .. Is that normal?
> Oh and is china interested in emails with received telemetry?
> Randy

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