[amsat-bb] Question about vacuum and power module for linear transponder

William Leijenaar pe1rah at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 19 07:20:23 PST 2009


After many work on my transponder design I decided to put some work in extending my lab.
One of the things I liked to have is a vacuum test chamber, to test electronics under vacuum conditions.

I have looked around and I see all kind of classes of vacuum pumps, and their equal increasing price.
My question is how deep the vacuum has to be to be able to do a valide test on (space) electronics working under space vacuum conditions ?

I also would like to know if anyone has experience in SSB mode with the new power modules types from Mitsubishi. Like the RA60H1317M, which can give 60W power on 2m with only 50mW input power. 
I am looking for some PA behind my LE005-R2 transponder design, to get a small sized high-power linear transponder. The transponder gives 200mW PEP, so the 50mW is no problem at all.I just wonder how linear these Mitsubishi modules are, when using in linear mode.

In the datasheet it says that they 'may älso be used for linear mouldation", which doesn't give many guarenty. Any experience with these modules in linear (SSB) mode are welcome.

73 de PE1RAH, William Leijenaar
For my small mode-uv transponder design, please check: www.leijenaarelectronics.nl 

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