[amsat-bb] Re: XW-1 FM voice no work over Australia

sq7dqx@poczta.onet.pl sq7dqx at poczta.onet.pl
Fri Dec 18 08:55:49 PST 2009

XW-1 team said that transponder would have been on between 1205UTC a 1352UTC today
so at 15.46 it just was turn off I thing. I made a 1h pause at my work to made some qso via WX-1.

"Nitin Muttin" <vu3tyg at amsatindia.org> napisał(a): 
 > Alan,
 > Tried on the 15.46 UTC pass on Dec 18th with the 67Hz PL but was unable to
 > trigger. Wonder if the FM xponder was on at that time. My ICOM 821H does not
 > have the CTCSS optional unit installed and I was using an application called
 > comtekk to inject the 67Hz tone from my PC using the acc socket in the
 > Radio. Let us know when the linear transponder will be available.
 > 73's
 > Nitin [VU3TYG]
 > AMSAT India
 > www.amsatindia.org

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