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Gary "Joe" Mayfield gary_mayfield at hotmail.com
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     The TAPR site lists software versions after Y2K



You can also find it here:


under Firmware near the bottom of the page

Joe kk0sd

P.S. Keep me posted, I have a kit that I hope to finally assemble this

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Hi Everybody,


After a 15 year hiatus from being an active satellite operator, I am in the
process of pulling my satellite ground station together to operate the
various LEO birds that are available to us today. While almost all of the
equipment I have is new, I have one vintage item that I would like to put to
use in my shack but I am going to need some help. While I was working at
SSTL back in the early 90s, I purchased two of the JAMSAT TrakBox kits
developed by JA6FTL, JG6MCG, SM0TER et al from AMSAT-UK. As I understand it
the kit was made available by TAPR here in the states for a while as well. I
built one kit up at the time and sent it to my Dad, KB5ZPK (SK) for him to
use in his newly acquired store-and-forward ground station here in Texas.
Since I was operating from the Command Center at the University of Surrey, I
put the other one aside for use at a later time. Well, the later time turned
out to be now and of course since that time the world has dealt with Y2K and
all of the associated software upgrades and changes that had to be done. It
miraculously appears that I haven't lost any of the components for the kit
so from a hardware standpoint I think I am set but I am concerned about the
availability of post Y2K software to run in the system. So my question is,
can anyone tell me if there is any post Y2K software available for the
Trakbox and if so, how can I go about getting a copy of it? While I realize
there are now other options available for autotracking, for sentimental
reasons I would like to get my kit up and running so any help that I can get
would be greatly appreciated.


I look forward to working many of you on the birds once I become QRV.


Thanks for reading my note.




Doug Loughmiller, W5BL (EX KO5I, G0SYX)



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