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George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Thu Dec 17 19:58:28 PST 2009

It would be nice if someone could convince the powers-that-be at Celestrak 
to add newly-launched amateur satellites to the amateur.txt file sooner...

George, KA3HSW

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> One possible source of confusion is due to the fact that amateur.txt
> is not the only possible source of keplerian elements. If you call up
> the window that appears with the 'Satelites' menu, on the far left you
> will see a list of files in the SatPC32/Kepler directory. Clicking on
> any one of these will generate a list of satellites whose orbits are
> defined in that file, and from there you can select a subgroup to be
> displayed in the main program. As a result, if you edit the
> 'amateur.txt' file, be sure that this is the file you have selected
> under the 'Satellites' window as well. Also note that when you update
> the keps from the web, you'll clobber the file that you edited by
> hand.
> 73, Bruce

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