[amsat-bb] XW-1 Pass over NE USA

Peter roi at optonline.net
Tue Dec 15 16:28:05 PST 2009

Are We Having Fun!!!

Copied 23:56 pass of XW-1, 20 degrees, FN30, NY.  This baby has healthy
Lungs!!!  Started to copy CW at .3 degrees, solid tone, thank you Nigel the
Keps are spot on.

We all know this is a high LEO Satellite, this pass covered Iceland,
Northern Ireland, Sweden and the tip of Russia, can you say more awards,
grids and most important building relationships deeper into Europe, it isn't
A0-40 or a HEO but it will be thrilling to work.

Thank you to the XW-1 team that developed this latest Satellite to the

Pete, WB2OQQ

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