[amsat-bb] Re: [VUHams] Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Student Satellite, Pratham

Gopal Madhavan gopal.madhavan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 06:08:02 PST 2009

Hello Johny


While it is appreciated that you students are planning to make a satellite, I would just like to remind you that using amateur radio frequencies by non licensed amateurs is just not permitted and WPC will not allocate such frequencies unless the users have valid licenses. I am sure that you are already aware of this.


For your information another university is also planning such a project and there faculty and students are busy studying to get their licenses before the satellite is built.


I would suggest that you also do likewise or request WPC to allocate frequencies that are outside the amateur bands, so that licensed amateurs can also use their setup to monitor and assist you.


This is not to discourage the project but only to caution you on the use of allowed frequencies.


Best regards


Gopal VU2GMN

President Amateur Radio society of India



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Thank you Kalyan for your kind offer. We'll keep you posted once every thing is in place.


73 de


Quoting "Mr Kalyana Sundaram R." <vu2kls at yahoo.com>:

Dear Mani and Johny

If any help needed from Chennai Kindly let us KNOW.We are with you.


(vu2kls at yahoo.com)


Madras Amatuer Radio Society.

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Date: Thursday, 10 December, 2009, 9:45 PM

Hi Jhonny,

It is nice to see your mail just after the review we had in ISRO Satellite Centre. I am sure that more amateur stations from India would participate and be useful to augment your mission goals. Looking forward to meet you and your entire team during the PDR meet at ISRO. Good luck and wishes.


with regards

Mani, VU2WMY
Secretary & Station-In-Charge
Upagrah Amateur Radio Club VU2URC
ISRO Satellite Centre
Airport Road, Bangalore-560 017.
Phone:(O)91- 80-2508 2054/2192/2537
Mobile:  91-80-98803 41456
E-mail ID: wmy at isac.gov. in
           vu2wmy_mani@ yahoo.com
           isrohams at yahoo. com 


Quoting jhonny jha <jhajhonny at gmail. com>:

Hello everyone, 

I am Jhonny Jha, student of IIT Bombay, and the project manager of a student satellite initiative of the institute. We started the project a year back and we are currently entering the detailed designed phase of our satellite. The project is an initiative undertaken jointly by the institute and ISRO. Payload of this mission is to measure the total electron count of the atmosphere using the technique of faraday rotation. In order to implement this, we have two monopoles onboard working in VHF and UHF amateur bands and a Groundstation at IITB to receive the signals.The total electron cont can be estimated by using a simple circuitry after your receiving antennae which gives the polarization of the incoming signal. In order to make the mission successful, we have also included a social goal in our mission statement, wherein we aim at teaching students from across the country the intricacies of antennae designing and fabrication. We have already c onducted 2 national workshops for the same. 

We want the amateur radio community to help us in our mission by setting up mini groundstations all over the country and measure the polarization of the incoming signal. Incase, we have a large number of stations spread across India, we would have more datapoints and can even perform ionospheric tomography with the data. This would help create a 3D map of electron count over India, which we currently do not have. This data can be used in the field of GPS correction, incase the country aims for its own GPS system in a few years. 

I request wholehearted support from the amsat and Ham community in this project of ours. 

Jhonny Jha, 
Project Manager, 
Pratham, IITB Student Satellite, 
IIT Bombay.
www.aero.iitb. <http://www.aero.iitb.ac.in/pratham>  ac.in/pratham



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