[amsat-bb] Software for antenna rotators

codrut buda yo3dmu at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 15 01:12:44 PST 2009

I hope somebody will find usefull the PstRotator program. It can be downloaded from
PstRotator handles just about every controllable rotator in common use: Prosistel "D" and "C", RT-20 and RT-21 Green Heron, DCU-1 HyGain, RC1 MDS, Rotor-EZ Idiom Press, Easy-Rotor-Control, Yaesu Az and Yaesu Az/El GS-232A and GS-232B, M2 RC2800, AlfaSpid RAK Az and RAS Az/El, Easycomm, ST3 Fox Delta, Endeavour Electronics AutoTracker, ZL1BPU, EGIS, Create RAC825, EA4TX Arswin, DL7AOT, LBV Tracker, PrimeSat and VK5DJ.
PstRotator provides automatic tracking for satelites and EME, using for this WXtrack, WinOrbit, Orbitron, Nova for Windows, Sat_Explorer, SatPC32, WSJT, Z-Track, GJTracker, EME System, Trak_SM, or HRD Satellite Tracker. Also it works with some contest loggers like N1MM, TACLog and Win-Test. Other programs supported are MixW, DXView and VQLog.
Tracking the moon is easier now using an internal algorithm.
PstRotator supports multiuser remote control over TCP/IP.
73, Codrut - YO3DMU


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