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Peter roi at optonline.net
Sun Dec 13 08:47:02 PST 2009


If anyone can assist Bruce with his problem, it would be appreciated.

Pete, WB2OQQ

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Subject: Technical Question

Having a problem with SatPC32 Version 12.8

Problem: Satellites are tracking fine on the screen but in the window at the
bottom the data is not correct Azimuth and elevation are around 100 degree
or so off. Also what is Standard direction in the Rotor menu?

Not using Radio settings at this time.

Running it on a Dell 2.53GHZ CPU using Vista
LVB Tracker with a Yaesu G-5400 rotor (Note appears to be working fine)

Rotor Setup are Yaesu GS232, LPT=2 Delay= 70, turning S, Elev.= 3, H and V
corrections =0
My Grid is FM17ub
I have checked and rechecked my settings please help


Bruce WA8KLH Amat # 35366

Phone Number: 757 850-0885 Best Time to Call: 4 pm Eastern

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