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Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 10 06:13:55 PST 2009

andy thomas wrote:
> I know Yaogan-7 is supposed be an earth observation satellite but there is more than one way to skin a cat - remember the RS- series of satellites piggybacking on a common power supply bus - and the fact that the HF commemmorative station is suddenly activated may well mean something. If you go to celestrak and look at the last 30 days' launches you will see that there are a number of items identified as rocket debris with a 97 degree inclination obviosuly part of the launch sequence for Yaogan-7's 98 degree inclination. So she might well be up there.
> 73 de andy g0sfj
Wrong rocket and wrong launch site. This came direct from the project 
managers just last month:

Spacecraft Summary
            Common Name:  XW-1     Alternate Name:  CAS-1     
            Satellite Type:  Microsatellite     Launch Date:  TBD     
            Launch Location:  Taiyuan Satellite Launch
            Center of China      Launch Vehicle:  CZ-2C(LM-2C) Rocket     
            Apogee:  1200.00     Perigee:  1200.00     
            Inclination:  100.50     Period:  109.00     
            Dimensions:  680mm*480mm (Envelope dimension), not include antennas     
            Weight:  60.000 Kg     

            Organization:  CAMSAT 

            Frequency Information
                  Mode Beacon(23dBm): 
                  Downlink 435.7900 MHz CW 
                  Mode FM Voice Repeater(30dBm, PL: 67Hz): 
                  Uplink: 145.8250 MHz FM 
                  Downlink 435.6750 MHz FM 
                  Mode Linear Transponder (30dBm, Inverting) : 
                  Uplink: 145.950 MHz SSB/CW 
                  Downlink 435.740 MHz SSB/CW 
                  Mode PacSat BBS(30dBm): 
                  Uplink: 145.8250 MHz AFSK 1200 BPS 
                  Downlink 435.6750 MHz AFSK 1200 BPS 
                 145Mhz RX Antenna: 2.0dBi max, LHCP
                 435Mhz TX Antenna: 3.0dBi max, RHCP    

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