[amsat-bb] Fade compensation

Robert Smith dukenuke at pixi.com
Sun Dec 6 21:01:48 PST 2009

Aloha All

Just a note on my personal Arrow experience. 
With many satellites, ie, AO-51, SO-50, 
Cubesats Prism, SEEDS, etc., I have found
that a "twist" of the wrist" can make the 
difference between a "clean" signal and no 
signal at all! This is a common phenomena 
that I experienced less than 2 hours ago 
on AO-51. The AO-51 pass was noisy
at 14 degs max. el. using my Arrow and HT. 
Antenna "adjustment" helped significantly.

Having only been on 51 a  handfull of times
during the past week I cannot pass any 
judgment regarding recent downlinks in Hawaii. 
My impression is that AO-51 is a very
dependable, fantastic FM bird. The same
goes for it's Operations team and those I 
regularly hear on the mainland. Tonite's 
"noise" may be been an anomoly or perhaps
the current orientation of AO-51 has shifted
some signal strength in favor of the southern
hemisphere. I did did have several clear 
QSOs. I will continue to evaluate AO-51's 
signal quality.

73 to everybody
Respectfully-  robert, NH7WN
Honolulu, Hawaii

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