[amsat-bb] SO-67 recordings North America 05-06Dec2009

John Papay john at papays.com
Sun Dec 6 13:44:46 PST 2009

The SO-67 recordings from 05 and 06 December are
on my webserver:

This pass was only 1 degree so it is short.  But you can
get an idea of how strong this satellite is, even at low
elevations.  East is not a good direction for me but SO-67
burns its way through the trees.

This is a 54 degree pass.  The time stamp on the audio files
are not necessarily the beginning of the audio clip.  That's
because my recorder turns on at AOS and SO-67 is not turned
on for 1-2 minutes after I can see it.  Therefore I have
deleted the beginning of the audio file because it only contains

This was a 10 degree western pass for me.

This was a 28 degree eastern pass for me.

This was a 17 degree western pass for me.  I was not
at home during this pass.

SO-67 continues to be difficult to work for some because
of not adjusting for the particular operating parameters
of this bird, especially the 3 second tail timer.  Once
you learn to take this into account, the bird is easier to
work.  Full duplex makes it much easier to work this bird
since you can determine when you are in or out.  You can
hear an example by listening to VE2DWE.  He transmits during
the tail, but since he is full duplex he knows when the
transmitter goes off and he unkeys and then keys and continues
with his exchange.

SO-67 is in virtually continuous use when over North America.
If it is possible to change the way it operates, it would be
best for it to have the transmitter on continuously over
North America (based on a schedule) with no "tail," similar
to how AO-27 operates.  It would not stress the transmitter
as much since it would not be constantly going on and off.

I have included another audio file taken from AO-27, 6December2009
at 2031z.  AO-27 is on for 7 minutes over North America with the
transmitter on continuously, no CTCSS required for access.  If
you work this bird it pays to watch the clock to see when the end
of the pass is eminent.  I use a software timer and start it when
the data goes off at the beginning of the pass.  If someone calls
you at the end of the 7 minute period, you know how long you have
to respond.  No sense in being surprised.


John K8YSE EN91dh

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