[amsat-bb] AO-51 reception report

w4upd updwrb at bristor-assoc.com
Sat Dec 5 14:40:57 PST 2009

Since the changes made to AO-51 the other day, it appears I am having 
more difficulty in copying the bird than others on this list server. 
Tonight during the 22:22UTC pass which was at an maximum elevation of 60 
degress I was not able to hear the bird as well as I have in the past. 
The signals had more fade and were about 1/3 of what they use to be. 
Again, my present antennas have a lot to be desired as I am using a 2 
meter homebrew ground plane for the 435.300 reception. Before the 
changes, this worked reasonable well, now it appears I'll need to do 
something different and improve the reception antenna. I am assuming the 
downlink power is still reasonable.

Just a report of how I seem to fair (or not) with the recent orientation 
changes of AO-51.

Reid, W4UPD

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