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I too live in an apartment on the eight's floor in Chicago. I too have to drag everything to the Lakefront to operate. Our roof was closed for last 14 months for Tuckpointing, so no satellite operations from there this year.

The Acer Aspire One which I also use works great. Most USB to Serial adapters come with a small driver disk. You can always load it to a thumbdrive and load it that way to your netbook. Another option is to find the drivers on the internet and then just download them directly to the netbook. I have used USB-Serial cables with the Prolific chipset and drivers are easy to find on their website. 

I found my Aspire One as a refurbished unit on TigerDirect.com  about 9 months ago for under $199 during a special. It works great with SatPC. Tim and I both have good luck with that netbook.

Just get one and have fun with it!



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You guys are way ahead of me.  I'll settle for reality!
I live in a high-rise Manhattan building and must do my satellite operation
by carrying all the needed equipment out to the promenade behind the
building next to the East River (2 miles due north of the UN building). 
I'm looking for a way to lighten the load, and the netbook looks promising.
N3TL even reports that the Yaesu CAT to USB cables he bought worked without
installing new drivers.  That's big  because I don't know how to "map"
another computer's CD drive into a netbook to read any new drivers!

Tnx for the ideas.

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> Why virtualise?
> Use a dual core processor and run a different operating system on each
> Bruce Robertson wrote:
>   the virtualization features turned on so that I can
> > run linux images alongside the Win32 ham stuff.

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