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Bruce kk5do at amsat.org
Wed Apr 29 12:45:48 PDT 2009

There continues to be a very high interest in AMSAT Awards which means a 
lot of new operators on the satellites.

We would like to welcome the following to the satellite community. They
have made their first satellite contact and are now members of the AMSAT
Satellite Communicators Club.

Benigno Gomez, XE2YBG
Chris Lemon, KB9CL
Evangelos Kafetzopoulos SV1EEK
James Cutter, W7OJS
Jim McCullough, KI4TWA
Steve Niles, N5EN

The following have earned the AMSAT Satellite Communications Achievement 

L. Val Hanney, KN7D  #486
Benigno Gomez, XE2YBM  #487
Steve Niles, N5EN  #488
(We are approaching number 500 on this award)

To see all the awards visit http://www.amsat.org or

Bruce Paige, KK5DO
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