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I'm not sure how fully this answers your question and/or addresses your concern, but I've done a quick Google "poke around" and discovered a number of "cigarette plug" power options for laptops that all appear to be of high quality and rated to handle the power requirements in question.

I don't own such an adapter as I write this. But when I get one, I'll be as certain as I can that it is intended to work with the laptop I plan to use. Here, that most likely will be the Acer Aspire One. I hope this helps,

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> A quick inquiry about running a laptop directly off of a cigarette outlet in 
> the car... 
> for example...let's consider the HP/Compaq series of laptops that take 
> 16-19V from their chargers/power supplies... 
> Can they be run directly from the auto's 13.6v supply...the available 
> amperage always made me nervous...as does the voltage swings when starting 
> and out of the regulator. 
> Roger 
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> > Hey Greg, 
> > 
> > In addition to the internal rechargeable pack, Yaesu provides a battery 
> tray for a "DIY" battery pack, and I have been assembling rechargeable 
> individual batteries for these trays. In the case of a longterm power 
> outage, it occurs to me that, as you suggest, a larger 12v battery could 
> come into play. The regular power supply I use in the shack includes the 
> provision to connect a gel cell battery for charging and backup, so that's 
> one option. An auto battery certainly is another although, I suspect I'd opt 
> for a deep-cycle marine battery (or batteries) if I was going to buy them 
> for this use. 
> > 
> > My intial plan would be to have enough internal-battery power to get 
> through at least two "cycles" (i.e., at least two battery packs ready to go 
> for each radio). The hope is that accesss to power from a generator or the 
> larger batteries would be available for recharging the batteries and 
> powering the radios. 
> > 
> > As for the computer, the 6-cell pack that is available for the Acer is a 
> lithion ion pack that, when fully charged, provides up to six hours of 
> continuous use. Given the nature of our satellite passes - in chunks of 
> 10-15 minutes - I have been able to make days worth of passes without a 
> recharge. I hope to pick up another 6-cell battery because I believe two of 
> them would provide the power necessary to handle things until power was 
> available for recharging. 
> > 
> > Reading yours and some other comments have me thinking about a few more 
> elements I need to look into ... things I hadn't given much thought to, but 
> elements that would be helpful to know. 
> > 
> > Both on and off the reflector, I've received multiple requests to write 
> this up for the Journal, and that's very gratifying. I'll definitely do 
> that, and thank everyone for their positive feedback. 
> > 
> > 73 to all, 
> > 
> > Tim 
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