[amsat-bb] Re: cellphone tracking?

Alan ve4yz at mts.net
Sun Apr 26 20:16:42 PDT 2009

No CrackBerry solution for you but I recommend PocketSat + on any old Palm
or PocketPC

These old Palm's are available for free for the asking.  If you are a
smartphone or RIM user you probably had a Palm and it is now stuck in a
drawer some where.  Or, just ask around those who are using the newer PDA's
to see if they have an old one lying around.

I just sold my oldest Palm at a ham flea market 2 weekends ago for $10CN and
kept my still really old Palm IIIxe just for PocketSat and Field  Day use.


> > Hi, wonder if there any tracking programs one can use on there 
> > Blackberry storm as an application?. 73 de VE6ITV Scott

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