[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 4, Issue 197

Michael J Finn wb7qxu at juno.com
Sun Apr 26 09:33:10 PDT 2009

Dear BB members.  

I am mike wb7qxu at juno.com      I am new to satellites.  I am still
learning and really enjoying satellites.  It seems to be addictive with
no cure Hi Hi.  I wanted to get in contact with someone who knows about
pacsats.  I used to do a lot of vhf packet years ago, but now no local
vhf packet cluster.  I want to try pacsats. I don't know anything about
pacsats. I want to learn more and try pacsats in addition to regular
sats.  Can someone give me advice on pacsats, what sats are working and
doing what?  and what type of modem TNC will I need?

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