[amsat-bb] Re: G-5500 AZ EL rotors combined orientation

Stan W1LE stanw1le at verizon.net
Sun Apr 26 07:41:05 PDT 2009

Hello Al,

My comments added:

Allen Fugelseth wrote:
> Hello G-5500 Rotor users,
> I am mounting my G-5500 AZ and EL rotors together. 
Should be OK. Strongest installation has the azimuth positioner on a 
rotator plate inside the tower,
a short mast through a thrust bearing to the elevation positioner with 
optional Yaesu separation kit.
Weakest mounting is the EL unit bolted to the AZ unit with the U channel 
bracket, and a
optional Yaesu mast clamp below the AZ unit. All mounting are OK, 
depending on loading

> The manual pictures show the rotors with the connectors forward and the El rotor axis L-R. The U
> bracket stipulates this. 
Looks like the U channel bracket has only 2 possible mounting positions 
onto the AZ unit.
Though the 4 each bracket to AZ unit mounting holes/bolts are 
symmetrical on a common bolt circle,
the ribs on top of the AZ unit must mate the cut out on the bottom of 
the U channel, to fit properly.
Essentially you have 2 mounting choices, both 180 degrees apart.
The manual front page picture, shows the AZ/EL units bolted up and 
"parked" for a "nice" marketing picture
This picture does not show the tapped hole in the U channel.
My choice is to put the tapped hole on the same side as the EL connector.
Tapped hole is to mount a cable clamp for strain relief.
The installation instructions on Page 6 are definitive.
> My U bracket is intended to be mounted rotated 90deg. 
Does not look like a good choice, either 0 or 180 degrees,  NOT  90 degrees.
Unless you mill off the interfering ribs in the top of the AZ unit.  Why 
bother ??
> The slot in my U bracket runs parallel with the bent up sides. The
> manual picture shows the slot running perpendicular to the bent up sides.
Not obvious to me. I may have a different picture than you, My manual is 
part # E12901000 .
My picture is accurate in this aspect. The top bib position is indicated 
by the ribs on the side of the top half of the AZ unit.
My picture shows these 2 each (left) side ribs accurately.
> The ribs on the top of my AZ rotor run front to back as shown on the
> picture.
My picture shows the ribs running L-R.
> Does anyone else have this situation? If so what is the orientation of the
> two connectors that works? I would like to put the rotor combination up
> correct the first time.
Mechanically mount up the U channel to the AZ unit, it will fit 2 ways.
Mount the EL unit with the connector on the same side as the tapped hole 
in the U channel. My choice.
Connect test cables and determine where the positioners are actually 

I verify full control range of the AZ 0 thru 360 to 90 degrees in AZ.
I verify full control range of Elevation from 0 degrees thru 90 to 180 
Calibrate as necessary.

I park my AZ unit at 0 degrees (full CCW) and the EL unit at 0 degrees 
also (not 180 degrees).
The I put it up on the tower.

You never mention how the AZ unit is mounted , in the tower, on a mast,  ??

Stan, W1LE    FN41sr   Cape Cod

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