[amsat-bb] G-5500 AZ EL rotors combined orientation

Allen Fugelseth allen at cruzio.com
Sat Apr 25 23:22:07 PDT 2009

Hello G-5500 Rotor users,

I am mounting my G-5500 AZ and EL rotors together. The manual pictures show
the rotors with the connectors forward and the El rotor axis L-R. The U
bracket stipulates this. My U bracket is intended to be mounted rotated 90
deg. The slot in my U bracket runs parallel with the bent up sides. The
manual picture shows the slot running perpendicular to the bent up sides.
The ribs on the top of my AZ rotor run front to back as shown on the

Does anyone else have this situation? If so what is the orientation of the
two connectors that works? I would like to put the rotor combination up
correct the first time.

Regards and 73,
Allen WB6RWU

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