[amsat-bb] IC-7000 and Sat tracking programs?

Bill Dzurilla billdz.geo at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 25 18:14:57 PDT 2009

Hi from sunny Islamorada in the Florida Keys, EL94.  Just waiting for SO-50 to come on around to give a few more people this semi-rare grid.  There was a pile of QRM on both AO-27 passes this afternoon, but logged over 20 contacts.  Good to hear a lot of old friends in there.

Anyhow, back home I've put up an antenna for the linear sats but I'm having great difficulty getting my IC-7000 to work with computer control on all sats in full duplex mode (second radio is an FT-817, which the programs steer flawlessly).  With SatPC32, if set as Radio 1, the 7000 works with sats with 70cm downlink, but not with sats with 2m downlink.  Vice versa if set as Radio 2 - works with sats with 2m downlink, but not with sats with 70cm downlink.

The author of SatPC32, Erich, has been helping me troubleshoot this issue.  He has the program working perfectly with an IC-706 MKIIG but does not have an IC-7000 to test.  So if anyone is using an IC-7000 and a second radio with SatPC32, please let us know if all is working.  If yes, my problem must be related to the computer or the USB adapter, not to the radio or the program.

I have also unsuccessfully tried 2 other sat tracking programs, 1) the new beta Sat Tracking feature of Ham Radio Deluxe, and 2) Orbitron with Wisp DDE driver.  Has anyone had success with IC-7000 and either of these, or with any other satellite computer control program?

Thanks for any info and 73, and hope to catch you from EL94 tonight o tomorrow,

Bill NZ5N 


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