[amsat-bb] TS-2000X performance on 23cm band - ?

Perry Yantis py41 at att.net
Thu Apr 23 09:37:20 PDT 2009

I have one of the early ts200x's and I have had no problems on 1.2 ghz.

I mainly us it for the satellites but also use it for the vhf contests  
and it has always worked fine.

I have consistantly worked many in Ohio on 1.2 ghz with just a M2 at  
about 30 ft.

I have also heard some others outside of Ohio during band openings  
(rare but it does happen).;

I don't know where you got this idea that the receive was bad on these  

The radio does have a built in preamp.

I leave it turned OFF for hf because it makes too much noise.

I leave it ON for vhf, and uhf because it does improve the ssb signals.

On 1.2 the preamp is ALWAYS on.

Perry WB8OTH 

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