[amsat-bb] Instanttrack with a EA4TX card tracking

Jean-Yves FEIXAS f5lhw at free.fr
Thu Apr 23 01:01:28 PDT 2009

Hi all.

would like to use IT on an old latop PC P3 500 under Windows 98 
for my portable equipment, IT turns very well in MSDOS mode or 
under Windows, but I have a  problem with my tracking system 
"ARS RCI-SE" from EA4TX on lpt1.
In my bat point i launch in first RotorDRV then the compatible driver 
for my card RCIKCT and in the last OrbitDRV  just before launching IT,
all it lance well, but once IT launched when I call the traking by the  “R”
cmd all it stop and  everything is still blocked.
If you have an idea of the problem, or better a solution thanks for doing 
me to know it.
Thanks in advance for your answer, regards
Jean-Yves F5LHW.

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