[amsat-bb] TS-2000X performance on 23cm band - ?

Wayne Splawn wsplawn at worldnet.att.net
Wed Apr 22 21:59:32 PDT 2009

Hi All,
Q1:  I have been thinking about getting a TS-2000X but I would appreciate
any input regarding the performance of the 1.2 ghz module.  I seem to recall
that Kenwood had a problem with the earlier UT-20 modules but I don't
remember if that was due to poor receiver performance.  I would be hard
pressed to find a transverter for $450 which is the current delta between
the TS-2000 and TS-2000X.  But, if the UT-20 can't hear then that's tossing
the $450 down the crapper.  (I am aware of the 436 birdie....)
Q2:  I see $300 discounts on the TS-2000X from several sources.  That could
be due to either the poor economy or Kenwood clearing the inventory for the
TS-2000 replacement - any rumors about the replacement?
tnx & 73,

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