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Jack K. kd1pe.1 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 08:01:33 PDT 2009

Yes it is for the exact same reason that the Aeronautical service still uses the (relatively) noisy AM mode as opposed to FM for air traffic control. The notion is that someone one need can break into the system at any time with emergency traffic... what you are proposing is a link wherein only elitist users can enjoy the benefits. I suggest that with the FCC allocations of emergency frequencies as needed, where needed, and the demonstrated ability of hams to cope previously you are adding yet one more layer of non productive regulation to an already overloaded system. As a founding member of SATERN and more than once having been written up in WST for my emergency radio work, I think I am familiar with both the problem and the solutions to them, please don't reinvent a wheel that is already working.

A last comment, a LEO would be virtually worthless for Emergency NET communications and HF is still a viable and reliable means of communications... If there were a HEO or GEOSync bird up and if it was needed, I am certain that it would be used... Nuff said.
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  What I was referring to is the ability to set aside a few communications channels on a temporary basis that would be relatively immune to interference and kept clear for use by those who needed the resource such as a net serving an affected area.  I hope I wasn't misunderstood from that.  I was in no way suggesting that any spectrum be reallocated away from the amateur radio service, only that a means may be considered for certain channels to be protected from interference using technical means for a limited duration while those participating in the sanctioned activity needed the resource for the benefit of the republic as a whole.  Is such a system capability such a bad idea?


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    I ditto those statements entirely... Also would any frequency be taken from other hams (most likely) or would an additional frequency spectrum be allocated... Frankly Elitist suggestions like this make me think of Big Brother... Do you really want to make hams go through more of the BS the posting daily on how and what you can do on the amateur bands?

    DE KD1PE

    Eric...the "instant" things start "being reserved" for a group of amateurs...for any reason other then by regulatory action...we have started down a very slippery slope that has no real end.

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