[amsat-bb] Re: L and S band antennas

James Craig davenbeck.engineering at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 00:00:20 PDT 2009

Thanks to everyone that replied both on and off list to my antenna
query. I now have several options and ideas to explore further, and
hopefully will be trying these interesting modes in the near future!

regards and 73
James - ZL4JM
QRPARCI #13307
AMSAT #36899

On 4/18/09, James Craig <davenbeck.engineering at gmail.com> wrote:
> As a relative "newbie" to satellites, all this talk about the current L/u
> mode on AO51, and next weeks V/s mode, looks like a lot of fun. I have 23cm
> tx and 13cm rx capability, but no antennas at present for either band. My
> current operating conditions are limited to portable operations only, and I
> wonder if any other list members can suggest/reccomend any hand
> held/portable/easily packed away designs that work well? (commercial or
> homebrew) As well as my 910H, I have a Kenwood TH-59 23cm HT, and I can
> confirm that 700 milliwatts into the HT's ducky won't cut it! (tried last
> night) Any suggestions welcome
> regards and 73
> James - ZL4JM
> QRPARCI #13307
> AMSAT #36899
> RF70bs

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