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Hey Jerry,

There are a number of software packages available that will allow you to connect one or two radios to your computer and provide Doppler-tuning through the program.

Here, I have installed and set up three of them - Orbitron, SatPC 32 and Ham Radio Deluxe's Beta kit with Satellite Traker - because I wanted to compare them and see how each performs. All three are available free for download, installation and use. However, it is possible to purchase a license for SatPC 32; and here in the U.S., the proceeds from that licensing goes to AMSAT, so it's another way to support the organization.

I use an Acer Aspire One netbook with an Intel Atom processor. It's not "the incredible hulk" of computing power, but it has more than enough to handle any of these programs. It also came with Windows XP. I have never used Vista and don't intend to. I've heard too many horror stories about it, although I know that many people use it without any issues.

My station uses two radios to achieve full duplex - one for transmit and one for receive. I connect each of them to the computer via USB cable and tell the programs which is which. Although each of the three programs is slightly different in terms of setup, none of them are difficult to use. And all of them work.

About your first question - I have used the Arrow and the Elk extensively. Both work. Here, at my location, with my station, the Elk is better. 

I hope this helps, and I hope you're feeling better!


Tim - N3TL
Athens, Ga. - EM84ha
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> Is the Elk Antenna better than a Arrow ant?? Thats my loaded question but 
> not the subject of this email. 
> How do you use a puter to tune your radios?? Newbie wants to know!! 
> I didn't get a chance to try any of the birds tonite. Dialysis did a number 
> on me today. 
> I want to thank youu guys for the help you have given me when I ask about 
> something. Its a learning experience with each diguest I get. Thanks!!! 
> I've never heard anything on AO7 yet. 
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