[amsat-bb] Newbie: Specific question re: Kenwood TM-D700A

Robert Smith dukenuke at pixi.com
Sun Apr 19 01:17:43 PDT 2009


I have tackled a new (older) radio for use in communicating with ISS, PCSAT and 
FM satellites. I am using the Kenwood TM-D700A in the non-TNC mode in conjunction
with AGWPE, UISS and UIVIEW software (UIVIEW facilitating my Satgate).
I have run a mini-din cable from the Kenwood to a Rascal mixing device then to 
an external soundcard. There are several reasons I have done this; foremost is the
fact that UISS is so user friendly. Also, the signal coming off the minidin is supposed
to be much cleaner than running the radio's speakers out (a telemetry requirement 
for many of the cubesats). This setup works for not only packets but other software
types such as WXTOIMG. 

My apparent problem is that the signal does not appear to have high enough gain.
For instance, when I view the sine wave in AGWPE it is minimal and cannot be
adjusted by radio or computer volume. The percent volume indicator in WXTOIMG
also lingers on the bottom "edge" at around 41 percent. Perhaps these indicators 
are irrelative, I am not sure. If someone has used the minidin out for such purposes
and could educate me a bit I would be eternally grateful....(well amost HIHI).

And yes, I realize that the radio itself is probably capable is doing many of these
things on its own!!

If interested in tutoring please contact me at dukenuke at pixi.com.  Mahalo and
73 to everyone. 

Respectfully robert NH7WN
Honolulu, Hawaii

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