[amsat-bb] PBH-9 floating ARHAB flight with HF telemetry

Ralph Wallio, W0RPK W0RPK at netINS.net
Thu Apr 16 06:56:29 PDT 2009

The NS3 group of Cornell University engineering graduate students will launch PBH-9 (Project Blue
Horizon) from Lockheed Martin in Owego NY on Sunday evening, 19Apr09, at approximately 21:00EDT
(Monday, 20Apr09, 01:00UT)  This ARHAB flight (Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning) will ascend
and then float for up to 50-hours while drifting to the east.

The payload will include a KC2TUA-8 144.390 APRS beacon (track via
http://findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?call=KC2TUA-8) and HF CW position report and telemetry downlinks
on 7.104MHz and 10.148MHz.  The NS3 PBH-9 team requests distant ground stations receive and report
HF telemetry via N2XE at arrl.net including reception UT date and time.

Distant receiving stations are welcome to also submit HF reception reports to W0RPK at amsat.org for
the ARHAB <50MHz telemetry reception record, see

Additional PBH-9 information including HF telemetry transmit schedule and format is available via
http://showcase.netins.net/web/wallio/ARHABlaunchannouncements.htm.  Flight updates are available
from the NS3 PBH-9 team via http://twitter.com/pbh3.

TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, WØRPK
W0RPK at netINS.net  W0RPK at arrl.net  W0RPK at amsat.org
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