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Wed Apr 15 09:57:46 PDT 2009

Hi all -- some facts I have learned about automobile noise  after 40 years 
in the profession. 
DEALER FIX:   While dealing with many different professional  
communications users, I found that the automobile industry usually has  a kit to fix most 
RF and electrical noises that are generated by the auto  and with problems 
that the auto has with RF interference getting  into the circuits.  
REASON --  It is cheaper to provide the equipment to fix  the autos that 
have a problem due to installed communications equipment,  than to install the 
fix on millions and millions of autos that don't need  it.  
SOLUTION -- I always told the customer to check with the dealer to find the 
 proper fix -- it usually took a manager and up the chain to a district 
manager  for a fix.  And now we have Google and the Internet, which makes 
finding  these fixes easier.  
Of course the new Hybrids have a whole new set of problems and  solutions.
Side note -- the diesel and the 2007 trip to Dayton:  One would  think a 
diesel is very quite - no ignition and no electric fan on the  radiator.  
Wrong -- the electric injector pump on the 1997 Ford  F350 had 20 over S-9 noise 
when we put the radio in it.  My F150 with  a V6 gas engine has no noise, 
but it was S-9 noise when just parked next to the  diesel. Google RF noise on 
the Ford diesel -- there are some solutions.
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