[amsat-bb] Need parts for G5400 elevation rotator

w4upd updwrb at bristor-assoc.com
Tue Apr 14 11:56:24 PDT 2009

Seeing the discussions on this thread about the Yaesu rotators, I'd 
thought I'd take a stab at it to see if someone out there can help. I 
have a Yaesu G5400 elevation/azimuth rotator combination. I recently 
disassembled the elevation due to it not functioning. In the process 
over a pint of water came out of the unit. In the disassembly process I 
managed to mess up the end of the motor armature which holds the drive 
gear. Apparently there are two version of this motor. The 'older' 
version cost about $85.00 and as I found out does not even come close to 
fitting the unit I have. Apparently I have a newer unit with limit 
switched which does not match the drawing in the manual (by the way it 
costs $207.00!!!!).

To cut to the chase I only need the armature so if anyone has a unit in 
which the motor is even defective, please let me know. The unit I have 
mounts with 4 screws not three. The nylon gear is actually a slipping 
gear on the shaft and engages with a brake cam held by a set screw. It 
also contains a spring as part of a brake assembly. If anyone thinks 
they have this unit and again the motor can be bad as I only need the 
armature, please let me know, If you need a picture let me know and I'll 
send you a picture of the motor off-list.

Due to the various differences of the motors and how they mount it's not 
even adaptable. I'll have to send it back (I hope) and try to fix this 
armature on my unit or find someone with a unit they are no longer using 
or need. Without this, the arrays will continue to remain on the ground 
where they have been since the storms of '04'. Being unemployed for 18 
months doesn't help and therefore purchase of another G5400 or 
equivalent is out of the question. Hope someone can help, thanks.


    Reid, W4UPD
    Amsat #17002

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