[amsat-bb] L/U on AO-51

w7lrd@comcast.net w7lrd at comcast.net
Sun Apr 12 19:48:17 PDT 2009

A most interesting (learning) QSO was completed with Greg KO6TH on AO-51.  L band antenna (22el yagi) mounted inside a 20M Quad, no elevation ability.   70cm yagi on a az/el system-none of it computer controlled.  Tx a IC-1271A driving a KJ6KO amp.  No automatic doppler correction.  With three rotors and manual  doppler correction and trying to see the computer screen too far away for my bifocals to work, it was a learning experience.  I will be calling Martha tomorrow to order the LVB tracker, and putting one of my 16 turn helix antennas on the az/el system and move computer display or get stronger glasses!  This is fun stuff! Thanks to Drew and the crew  for playing with these different modes.  I can receive 2.4ghz with a 3 foot dish, but I ran out of hands.
try it you'll like it!
73 Bob W7LRD

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