[amsat-bb] KR-5400A, KR-5600A Rotors

Roy rdwelch at swbell.net
Sun Apr 12 16:28:44 PDT 2009

Some weeks back someone asked where they could obtain the manual for the 
old Kenpro KR-5400/KR-5600 AZ/EL rotors.  These are the predecessors of 
the Yeasu 5400 rotors.  There is  a lot of similarity since Yaesu bought 
out Kenpro.  The person asking never responded when I replied that I had 
made him a copy of the manual.  It has been sitting on my desk, taking 
up needed space, so I will send it to the first person having the KR 
series rotors asking for it with a complete mailing address.  If none 
then it will go to someone else.  If none, it will be tossed out.

Roy -- W0SL

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