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Mike Ryan mryan301 at comcast.net
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With respect, I can think of one good reason. Education. For instance, I'd like to know what works well for folks regardles of what program they use and some dialog about the up or down of a tool is valuable information to me. Now maybe if the disucussion was tweaks to HRD, FAQs, or wish lists, then maybe better suited for a more focused forum.

And I also learned by the replies that there was a Yahooo group! I knew about the BBS/forum on the HRD website but observe it to be pretty quiet. I will check out the Yahoo group.

Someone also mentioned a listserv. Can anyone provide a pointer to that? I can find "HRD" in Google easily but many hits arent about Ham radio.


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Wouldn't the numerous HRD queries here be better sent to the (preferably)
HRD Forum or HRD Yahoo e-group?

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