[amsat-bb] Re: Less than lightening Results

Nigel Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF nigel at ngunn.net
Fri Apr 10 12:10:38 PDT 2009

Sebastian wrote:

> What makes AO-7 so special? 

We're all sentimental.

  Why is it that we lost AO-10, AO-13 and
> all the others in the past several years, yet this one is still  
> working? 

Different faults have different characteristics. This one lost it's battery which is now open circuit allowing the 
satellite to operate from solar cells when it's in sunlight.

  I know the batteries are dead, but I'm primarily interested
> in how this bird is able to stay in it's orbit for over 30 years?  And  
> if it's orbit is decaying, how is it that it has apparently decayed so  
> slowly?

Most of the dead sats are still in orbit and being tracked. It's in a higher orbit than most amateur sats and, like all 
the others in a similar orbit, will take many tens of years to re-enter.

> I was under the impression that unless a satellite is occasionally  
> 'boosted', it will eventually re-enter? 

Yes, but the higher the orbit, the longer will be "eventually"

  I somehow doubt AO-7 has any
> fuel left in it's boosters; if it had any.

AO7, like most amateur satellites, never had any boosters.

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