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Billy Simpkins bsimpkins31 at dishmail.net
Wed Apr 8 11:36:33 PDT 2009

I need help in identifying stuff I have.  Shortly after 911 my life changed in such a manner I did not ham in any fashion.  I was on the birds till A0-13 went down.  I was in the process of updating to the microwave stuff using barbeque grills as reflectors, etc.  I want to get back on the birds and am just overwhelmed with the advancements and new designations of bands etc.  I am trying to set up a station from the ground up and use what I had back "when"..

My questions:

1.  I have a K5GNA 2.4 ghz converter/preamp?  What is IF frequency?

2.  Can anyone tell me the approx diameters of the more popular patch feeds.  I have one that I obtained from some one in Colorado that made them.  It is three mounted together with the larger one being about 2 ft..  Would 2 feet be about right for 70 cm?   I am reasonable sure that the smaller one is 2.4 ghz., it is about 2.5 inches in diameter.  What is your guess of the middle ones frequency.

3.  Does anyone know where Landwher preamps can be tested.  I have a 2mtr and 70cm but I do not have instructions and markings on them has faded.

4.  I have a TS2000 with the 1.2 ghz module. I have never really used this radio.  I haven't had a chance but it was purchased when they first appeared on market.   What do I need to get on the birds to fully use this radio

5.  Is there a supplier that has full line of amateur satellite antennas.

6.  Are guys having good luck with the tracker box sold by Amsat.  

Thanks so much KF0CK,

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