[amsat-bb] Less than lightening Results

Jerry Felts nr5ajerry at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 21:21:39 PDT 2009

I'm a lil dispointed tonite. Tried 2 passes on AO7 and failed, in fact heard
nothing. Tried 2 passes on VO52 both times had my signal nice and loud,
called CQ till I turned blue.  Doesn't any one do CW on that bird?? Heard
several loud stations.

Using a IC-706 for downlink into a 9 el M2 yagi, then on uplink a FT-875D at
20 watts into a small 5 el 435 yagi.  Which is probably  my problem, indoors
right next to me.

Would a set of eggbeaters at 10ft be better? Got to do something for antenna
cause I'm sure thats whats wrong. Its easier for me to build than buy.

So where's the CW???

Jerry - NR5A - South Dakota

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