[amsat-bb] Re: Arrow Antenna

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Wed Apr 8 20:42:28 PDT 2009

I had the only the 2m elements of my Arrow attached to the crossboom 
of my B5400 az-el system and it worked fine.  I suspect that if you 
set it at a fixed elevation angle and rotate in azimuth it will work 
pretty good for satellites.  The 6-element 432 antenna will be a bit 
narrower in beam, but I suspect still would work well.

One issue with permanent mounting is the elements get vibrated loose 
by the wind and fall off.  If you can find some star locking washers 
to slip on the threaded element ends that may help.  I have also used 
my Arrow for VHF/UHF roving with my truck.  Also, you are stuck with 
one polarity and may experience some fading as the satellite polarity shifts.

The Arrow should work with any radio.  If it is a dual-band radio 
with one antenna connection you must use the diplexer (limited to 
low-power).  If there are separate antenna  connectors on the radio, 
run two separate coax lines to the 2m and 70cm antenna feeds without 
using the diplexer.

I took my FT-817 and the 2m 3-element Arrow antenna to a 3300-foot 
mountain top and worked 206 miles tropo on QRP 2m SSB.  Nice travel 
antenna, too!

73, Ed - KL7UW

At 08:26 PM 4/6/2009, Michael J Finn wrote:
>Would the Arrow antenna work well for a fix rotor antenna?  Or is it just
>for HT's.   Those that use the Arrow antenna, how do you like it, and how
>well does it really work?  What HT's are used for it.
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