[amsat-bb] EM90-91-92-93 Operation

John Papay john at papays.com
Wed Apr 8 12:14:53 PDT 2009


I was able to operate mobile and then portable from a few grids on 
the way back to Ohio from Florida on April 1st.  If you worked me on 
AO-51 in EM92 or EM93, you should receive a card in the mail 
shortly.  No return card is necessary. I used the Arrow antenna with 
my Kenwood mobile strapped around my neck and a small UPS battery for power.

The EM92 operation took place at the MM47 Rest Area on I-95 
northbound in South Carolina.  We had one person ask my XYL about the 
antenna etc.; they thought I might be tracking animals!  At some 
point I was sending my grid as EM82 but I was really operating from 
EM92.  Sorry for the confusion.  I logged 12 stations including 

The EM93 operation took place at the MM123 Rest Area on I-26 
westbound just south of Columbia, South Carolina.  There were a lot 
of trees in the way at this stop and it was getting dark.  I worked 
11 stations from here.

The operations from EM90 and EM91 were made on AO27 while driving on 
I-95 in north Florida and in East Georgia respectively.  I was just 
using my Larsen dual band antenna on the trunk lid but at a certain 
time during the pass, stations were loud and clear.  I worked 6 
stations in each of those grids. If you worked me in EM92 or EM93 you 
also got cards for these grids.  If you only worked me in EM90 or 91 
and need the card, please email me and I'll put one in the mail to 
you.  No return cards are necessary.

As many of you know, I operated from Florida from January through 
March using a portable setup (Kenwood V7A, UPS battery and Arrow 
antenna) in EL96 and EL98.   I also made a few contacts at the Stuart 
Florida Hamfest (EL97) on March 21st, demonstrating satellites for a 
few interested hams.  In addition I operated through my home station 
in EN91 using a remote control setup over the internet. If you need 
cards for any Florida contacts, just email me and I'll send them to 
you.  If you need cards for EN91, please send an SAE or SASE to my 
qrz.com address.

Working grids on the satellites can be both challenging and 
rewarding.  The ARRL VUCC award is the most prestigious VHF/UHF award 
on the planet.  It's the DXCC of the VHF/UHF world.  It requires 
paper QSL cards at the moment, however, the ARRL is working toward 
making LOTW compatible with VUCC/Grids.  You can chase new grids from 
your home station and then work from a grid away from home and give 
others that new one they have been seeking.  When you travel, think 
about taking your rig and a portable antenna.  If you get the 
opportunity to operate from a rare grid, you will find it very 
rewarding.  If you hear someone operating from a rare grid, work them 
and then give them the frequency; they might be there for only one 
pass and have made a big effort to operate from a remote 
location.  There will be plenty of time to work the regulars when the 
satellite is not busy.

We have a two week period coming up where AO51 will not be in a V/U 
FM mode.  Why not try SO50 (use a PL tone of 67.0 Hz), and AO27 
during this time.  You never know when a new grid might show up 
there.  SO50 can be a little difficult since it is subject to deep 
fading, but it is very workable during most portions of the 
pass.  AO27 has a very strong signal and is generally on when over 
the US.  Check the schedule for AO27 on their webpage 

If you are reading the amsat-bb and happen to live in a rare grid, 
please try to get on now and then.  Many of us will be very happy to 
work you.  Hint: Delaware has not been heard from in a very long time!

John K8YSE EN91
k8yse at amsat.org

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