[amsat-bb] Newbie

Jerry Felts nr5ajerry at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 16:35:45 PDT 2009

I'm sorta a newbie at this, altho I did work the early Oscars and RS birds.
I have decieded I wanted to work the sats again only I forgot most of what I
knew. hi  Last nite I listened to the 2M downlink for VO-52 and I'm hooked.
I tried sending dits on its uplink but was very weak, when I switched to SSB
I could not hear myself. Here is what I was using for the downlink my
FT-857D into my 9 el M2 yagi at 25ft, for the uplink a FT-817 into a
homebrew 5 el 435 yagi on a tripod right next to the desk. Tonite I'm going
to reverse it and use my FT-857D for the uplink.

I prefer CW but so far have not heard any.  I'm not even sure what part of
the band CW is used. Could someone give me a example I want to be on the
middle of the CW band. Where do I set the Tx, and then the Rx. If I had some
examples I could figure it out but right now I'm clueless.

Got to rearrange my station to get it ready for later tonite.  I will
probably be a pest constantly asking questions till it all comes back to me.
How rare is South Dakota on the birds?

Jerry - NR5A - South Dakota

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