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Actually, if you don't plan to poll the squelch or S-meter (the only commands that cause the 736 to send data to the computer), you can leave out Q2 and all the components associated with it.  That leaves just one transistor, and one resistor.  I put a small diode in series with the resistor, so as to not reverse-bias the base of Q1.

My 736R has served me very well.  The power supply has held up just fine, so far.  I do have a 2m / 70cm pair of "brick" amplifiers for the cases where I need a flame thrower, but with a decent antenna, these are not often used.  I also managed to find a 1.2 ghz module, so I'm all set.  (I have 6m on my aging Yaesu 767GX transceiver.)

The biggest disappointment is that the CAT interface does not let the computer read where the frequency dial is set, and you can't move the dial when under CAT control.  This is not an issue for FM birds, but it makes computer control of SSB/CW awkward, and I usually just run those modes manually.  

Greg  KO6TH

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> TTL/RS232 for FT 736r.
> You can fit it inside a DB9
> I've used this circuit that uses a couple of 2N2222
> http://www.mindspring.com/~n2wwd/html/body_doppler_compensation.html
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> > IIRC, the IF-232 is just a simple TTL-to-RS232 interface. it 
> > should be fairly easy to homebrew on with any of the 
> > available chips out there, like the Maxxim MAX232.
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