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Hello Mark et al
Ao7 will automatically switch modes about 2045 -2100 from what I can figure out.  Mode B is the most popular, a lot stronger downlink with less QSB.  We need some new "blood" on the bird.  It has gotten so we can tell who is on there just by the sound of their voice.  Not that I dislike repeated converstions.  In fact one can actually have an actual converation where we talk about  more than, "you're 5/5 in CN87 Om".  The "regulars" I have got to know quite well, and enjoy it each time I hear them.  We gripe about no and/or a delayed HEO.  From Seattle I can work Mika OH8MBN, granted not for very long, but the challange is worth the effort.  This workhorse of a satellite has old/reliable tech.  Perhaps we should emulate this concept in the future.  It's like an old Timex, "It takes a licking but keeps on ticking". I am reminded of the KISS concept "keep is simple stupid".  At the same time I am 90% ready for a HEO L/S.  Look for me on AO-7.  Where we can bs about "almost" any

73 Bob W7LRD CN87wk
near Seattle
"if this were easy, everyone would be doing it"

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> For some reason, I cannot seem to find info which indicates the mode for the 
> pass...mode A or B. I usually figure it out after listening on 145 downlink 
> and not hearing anything then going to the 29 MHz downlink. Once, I even 
> heard my downlink on 29.45 MHz at the start of the pass only to hear it 
> stop. Was not sure what happened until I started tuning around and 
> discovered the bird had SWITCHED from mode A to mode B in the middle of the 
> pass! So my question is...other than trial and error or listening for the 
> beacons (which won't help if the bird switches during the pass), is there 
> any pattern or location of information for the prediction of the mode? 
> Thanks, as I am thrilled each time I can get through this oldie-but-goodie 
> with 5 watts on CW. What a blast! 
> An additional question since the batteries have long ceased to function on 
> AO-7, it only works during sunlight passes. Somebody mentioned that this 
> will happen less and less as we get close to winter solstice. Is this 
> because AO7 is in a northerly LEO orbit? If it passes in the southern 
> hemisphere, would it not have MORE available online time? I see 
> http://planetemily.com/ao7/Eclipse.php but it's not a predictor for November 
> 2008 (and I am not sure I understand it anyway). Should I just set 
> Orbitron/HRD for AO7 "in sunlight/illumination" only option? 
> Mark Lunday 
> wd4elg at arrl.net 
> http://wd4elg.net 
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