[amsat-bb] FO-29

k3szh@netzero.net k3szh at netzero.net
Sat Oct 25 08:24:26 PDT 2008

Great satellite but underused and hearing Europeans calling CQ NA with little results. Many regulars not in any order.
G1WPR,G7NFO,G8ATE,OH8MBN,YL2GC,PA1TNO,EA8HB,ON5NY,I8CVS,EA2BVD,DL5RDI,DH5MK,CU3EQ,EA4CYQ,YV4DYJ I could go on  but you get the picture.
So unlock your fixed frequency (FM) and expand your horizon beyond NA. Feel the excitement from EU to SA and if you are grid square collector, what prizes await you. And yes you can have intelligent, fruit full QSO without being smashed. So pull up your blind and see the big picture beyond your imagination, old timers know what iam talking about. And yes try AO7 the foot print is bigger yet and that's a big picture.
Just my observation what you are missing. Why get trampled in a small ring and no where to go.
Amsat 3788 since 1976 
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