[amsat-bb] Re: Web streaming ARISS School Contact?

Curt Nixon cptcurt at flash.net
Fri Oct 24 05:32:10 PDT 2008

Thank You Charlie:

I appreciate the detailed responses on this.  I understand better what 
the uncertainties are with these contacts.  I am in fact, working with a 
friends classroom in So. Florida--I have been sending them pictures and 
a couple of voice clips from Richards ISS stay.

The IRLP Reflector from Canada seems like it does alot of these to the 
web.  I have a couple of issues with the .pls file streaming but hope to 
have those worked out soon.  Worst case is I'll try to record the 
contact from Echolink and send it to them.  Best case is they figure out 
how to get the pls files to work and get to listen in quasi realtime.

Again, I appreciate your thorough responses.

Curt Nixon
Livonia, MI

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