[amsat-bb] Re: Old time change date?

Nigel Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF nigel at ngunn.net
Sun Oct 19 16:18:04 PDT 2008

Do it the easy way... leave your computer clock on UTC.

Charlie Schlieper wrote:
> A quick note about InstanTrack, and the new time changes.
> I have quite a few Satellite Tracking programs to use, but InstanTrack 
> (1.55) is still one of my favorites.
> Each year when the new Daylight/Standard time change occurs, I have to go 
> into the INI file of InstanTrack and change the "time selection" to get it 
> to track properly for a short week or so.  (Just having TzEdit and the 
> correct computer clock time for Daylight or Standard isn't enough! The 
> tracking program needs an update PATCH to fix this problem.)
> --- Charlie, N5TD

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