[amsat-bb] Re: xmit sstv to the ISS

Steve ai7w at arrl.net
Sun Oct 19 13:02:21 PDT 2008

I believe this would be impractical. There are a number of satellite 
operators that don't read these messages. Of those that do, there are bound 
to be some who don't wish to comply with the rules for one reason or 
another. If only a hand-full don't cooperate the resulting pandemonium would 
encourage those that do cooperate to abandon the program or give up.

If you've ever been in a DX pileup, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Steve .. AI7W

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From: "Mr Jeffrey L Ross"
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2008 15:42 UTC
Subject: [amsat-bb] xmit sstv to the ISS

> Hi folks, one member just reminded me about what is the chance one station
> uplinking one picture uniterrupted?
> Maybe we could cordinate here and use are calls as a your turn my turn 
> such
> as abzzz goes first as his starts with A, or use the last letter of the 
> call
> such as kc8gkf and everyone with f in there call (last letter) thats there
> day to xmit up. something like that I think we could work out. That would
> cut down on the stations trying to xmit up. Or someone could pass out 
> times
> to the users (get a list here) to xmit up. Anyother ideas?
> kc8gkf

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