[amsat-bb] xmit sstv to the ISS

Mr Jeffrey L Ross radiooperator at comcast.net
Sun Oct 19 08:42:39 PDT 2008

Hi folks, one member just reminded me about what is the chance one station 
uplinking one picture uniterrupted?
Maybe we could cordinate here and use are calls as a your turn my turn such 
as abzzz goes first as his starts with A, or use the last letter of the call 
such as kc8gkf and everyone with f in there call (last letter) thats there 
day to xmit up. something like that I think we could work out. That would 
cut down on the stations trying to xmit up. Or someone could pass out times 
to the users (get a list here) to xmit up. Anyother ideas?


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