[amsat-bb] Delfi-c3 Telemetry Capture & Decoding

Clive Wallis clivew at zetnet.co.uk
Sat Oct 18 00:47:59 PDT 2008


I am trying to get some telemetry from DO-64 while it is in this mode. 
Unfortunately I missed the the initial period of TLM just after launch,
owing to other problems. By the time I had solved these, DO-64 had
switched into transponder mode!

I've managed to get some packets using my hardware PSK decoder (G3RUH)
and PK-88 TNC in KISS mode.  However, I can't find any information about
the format of the data or any telemetry equations. Where are these
details located?

I've had less success with RASCAL.  It appears to be working, and I get
short periods when it locks onto the signal, but no packets received. 
The indicated frequency seems to vary widely, and sync is often lost
when a packet is transmitted.

Is the audio clip on the Delfi-C3 website suitable for use as a test
signal?   I have a better sound card, so I may try that.

Any help would be most appreciated.  


	 Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.

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