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> My Yaesu G 5500 Rotators us blowing fuses. The primary of the transformer
> has <.5 ohms of resistance implying a shorted primary. I tried to order a
> L3190011 transferor from Yaesu they told me that part is no longer
> available.  Do you believe my diagnosis is correct and where do I get a
> replacement transformer?
> Thanks
> nick
Hi Nick,

Unsolder both primary wires from the 2A fuse holder and from the SW1
power switch and measure again the primary resistance and see if it is still
< .5 ohm

If the resistance is < .5 ohm and the primary winding has been  completely
carbonized by the heat then your transformer should have smoket for a long
time before to go in short circuit and you should have been alerted smelling
the smoke.

If the transformer is not showing the classic smell of a smoked winding
it is possible that the short appens accidentally somewere between the first
and second wire feeding the primary winding so that the short can be found
and removed.

In addition measure if the primary winding is insulated or not from the
iron core i.e. from the ground and from both the low voltage secondary

In any case if the transformer is not longer available from Yaesu it is
not a problem to rewind it completely.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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